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PES 2014 WORLD CUP 2014 PRESENTATION - представлена презентация графики и музыки на тему Чемпионат Мира 2014 по футболу для Pro Evolution Soccer 2014.

This is another presentation pack based on all aspects of graphics under one specific theme(World Cup 2014 in this case). Its a graphics & sound mod so this doesn't effect or rely on any game/team/kit data so it can be installed into/onto any patches you use.
This presentation packs consist of:


1. Fully exclusive designed WC2014 graphics using official Fifa DLC graphic content - New icons / buttons / font / BG graphics and more.
2. Official Fifa WC2014 mini intro movie & logo / legal & press start graphics.
3. Exclusive designed scoreboards (Two colour variations to choose from - see install options) with Sky Sports Live HD watermark.
5. Matching Copa Libertadores scoreboard (Blue/Green)
5. Exclusive professionally created WC2014 animated replay wipe/animation.
6. Tailored WC2014 theme BG screens & Sky Sports Live HD watermark for all Pes licenced competitions.
7. WC2014 competition adboards & tailored carpet cam mats/standing boards with wrinkle texture when you play any international team or WC Cup competition
8. Official WC2014 ball (replaces Konami default ball)
9. Corner flag (florescent)
10. Menu button/graphics support of all languages
11. Full 100 minute WC2014 soundtrack mix (see second link where you downloaded this for the extended audio pack)

Due to some editing limitations parts of these packs can be classed as "fantasy" or "close" to the real life versions as it can be based on the limits (blame Konami).

** Latest Fileloader must be installed first! **


**IMPORTANT** - If you already have installed any adboards then you need to backup your "config.xml" found in your fileloader install:
If nothing exists in that folder (or config folder doesn't exist) don't worry ignore this, if it does exist then back it up
first and then install this pack, afterwards merge your backed up config.xml data into my config.
Next simply copy the "FileLoader" folder contained in the root of this pack and paste and overwrite the "Fileloader" folder
located INSIDE your main PES game install path IE: "Pro Evolution Soccer 2014/Fileloader" folder.

NOTE: This doesn't overwrite any fileloader specific files (don't panic ) it just correctly places the intro
animation file and adds menu/graphic files to the 'pes14_win_dat' folder content contained in the fileloader folder.

That's it, run the game and enjoy your World Cup 2014 Tournaments!


- Fifa/World Cup 2014 - For the source graphics
- Konami - For the game (obviously)
- Pesmonkey - All menu & background graphics/scoreboards/icons/intro's/replay screenwipe animation/edited music
- Jenkeys - For the editing tools
- Firas Zinou - Important tutorials / tips & help / WC2014 game font
- Majuh - Current WC2014 adboards
- Tunizizou - Heads up on DLC graphics
- s03_h4nd1 - Supply of photoshop tv logo template
- Aldanger - SonySketch Font
- Congdien91 - PS3 button font
- Maze32 - PS2 controller graphics

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