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PES 2016 Gameplay Patch Update 0.5 (27.09.15) by Yair

2015-09-28 129 1948 Yair 1
PES 2016 Gameplay Patch Update 0.5 (27.09.15) by Yair - Вашему вниманию, очередная версия геймплей патча от данного мейкера, который немного сделает Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 реалистичным

*refinement and bug fixing (not konami bugs )

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Благодарность и комментарий от пользователя(Bosh Factory - фанат PES с 2010 года), который тестировал данную версию:

Thanks for another patch Yair. I've only just found out that patch 0.5 is out so in the meantime here’s my feedback for patch 0.4. I played on -1 speed on top player with manual passing and shooting.

Midfield Play
The AI teams are better at keeping possession, they pass more and tend to sit behind the ball. This makes it harder for me to get the ball and score (good), but it also means that the AI attacks are sometimes slower and less of a threat (not so good). When the AI does attack my defence is nearly always ready and in position. I think the AI teams sometimes focus on short-passing a bit too much, even when a team is set to use counter-attacks. However, I still prefer this to your earlier patch (v0.3).

If the AI can be fixed to start crossing the ball from wide (instead of doing a short pass or dribble) then this would help to make the AI teams more dangerous.

Edit: I like that the heavier first touch helps to slow the tempo of the game. It also means more thought and care is needed during build up play. I don't think first touch needs to be reduced any further.

The AI shooting seems to be a bit more varied now, in that it uses more of the width of the goal and not just inside the post. This makes the AI shooting more realistic, though all of the shots are still close to the ground. The only high shots I've seen are when a player with the Long Ranger card shoots from outside the penalty box.

When any player takes a shot (human or AI) the goalkeepers do a small jumping animation before they start to move/dive (this is especially clear in close-up replays). If you could remove this animation then it might make the goalkeepers more responsive, and also help 1-on-1 situations.

Game Speed
I like to play on -1 speed. I've tried the patch (0.4) on normal speed but it's still too fast for me, so I switched back to -1. If other people are happy with this speed then that's fine, but I wouldn't want it to get any slower otherwise -1 might be too slow and normal speed might still be too fast. I don't really see the value in releasing patches which run at different speeds when we can use the in-game speed slider, but that's up to you of course.

Dribbling vs AI
In previous feedback I mentioned that I found it too easy to dribble the ball through the AI team's midfield. This patch creates a more compact midfield play which gives more opportunity for the AI team to switch to a player in front of the ball to do a tackle. This helps to resolve the issue a bit, but it's still present, and very noticeable when a defender dribbles up the pitch. I'm sorry for keep mentioning it - I appreciate there's only so much you can do to fix Konami's errors.

I've been looking at replays of tackles and have a suggestion. I think the referee needs to be better at telling the difference between a light and heavy contact between the player doing the tackle and the ball/other player. Currently, if the player doing the tackle makes any sort of contact with the ball before he contacts the other player then the referee does not call a foul, even if the ball was only lightly touched and the other player was knocked off his feet. It should only count as a fair tackle if the ball was touched heavily. If it's not a proper tackle then the follow-through contact should be more likely to be called a foul.

In other words:
- foul = light/no contact of the ball + heavy contact on the other player
- fair tackle = any touch of the ball + light/no touch on the other player
I know it's not this simple, like I said it's just a suggestion

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