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Графика для Pes 2015

Serie A TIM BeinSports Scoreboard

2015-05-23 47 665 Jesus Hrs 0
Pes 2015 Serie A TIM BeinSports Scoreboard - ТВ-попас Итальянского Чемпионата, с логотипом телеканала BeinSports, в Пес 2015

...\Pro Evolution Soccer 2015\download

Используйте программу - DpFileList Generator v1.5

My gratefulness to all the PES tool makers, without them nothing of this would be possible ,specially to:
- Jenkey1002
- sxsxsx
- Barys
- To the author of the program “CriPackedFileMaker”
- And to the PatchMaker Donyavia by one of his templates for a suitable positioning of the logo in the right corner superior, avoiding so it bothers the vision of the pitch, quite habitual thing in the rest of the Scoreboards

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