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Остальные бины
unnamed_1: Manual shot/pass icon
unnamed_17: Pes 2013 Ball
unnamed_26: Libertadores Ball
unnamed_35: Ball Cursor

unnamed: 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 49, 50, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77 - Музыка
unnamed 44 : Menu Music track 1(demo)
unnamed 45 : Menu Music track 2(demo)

2166-2169 : England Font
3190-3193 : England Numbers

2182-2185 : Portugal Font
3206-3209 : Portugal Numbers

2174-2177 : Italy Font
3198-3201 : Italy Numbers

2938-2941 : Germany Font
3962-3965 : Germany Numbers

unnamed_209 - Ronaldinho Face
unnamed_329 - Klose Face
unnamed_333 - Laham
unnamed_311 - Schweinsteiger Face
unnamed_324 - Podolski Face
unnamed_408 - Gerard Face
unnamed_410 - Walcott face
unnamed_421 - Khedira Face
unnamed_685 - Boffon Face
unnamed_927 - Nani face
unnamed_1113 - Pepe Face
unnamed_1572 - Jerome Boateng Face
unnamed_1568 - Manuel Neuer Face
unnamed_1570 - Mesut Ozil Face
unnamed_1673 - Mario Gotze
unnamed_1742 - Neymar Face
unnamed_6206: WE Heritage Black boots
unnamed_6207: Adidas Predator LZ White/Pink boots
unnamed_6208: Adidas Adizero Orange/Blue boots
unnamed_6209: Adidas Adizero White/Lime boots
unnamed_6210: Adidas Adipure White/Blue boots
unnamed_6211: Nike CTR 360 Clash White/Blue boots
unnamed_6212: Nike Vapor Clash White/Red boots
unnamed_6213: Nike Tiempo Clash White/Black boots
unnamed_6214: Nike T90 Laser Clash White/Green boots
unnamed_6215: Puma Power Cat 1.12 White/Red/Blue boots
unnamed_6216: Puma King 1.12 White/Red/Blue boots
unnamed_6217: Puma Evospeed White/Red/Blue boots
unnamed_6218: Umbro Speciali Black boots
unnamed_6219: Umbro GT Purple boots
unnamed_6220: Umbro Geometra White/Blue boots
unnamed_6221: Mizuno Wave Ignitus Red/Black boots
unnamed_6222: Mizuno Supersonic Wave Black/Yellow boots
unnamed_6223: Mizuno Morelia Neo Black/Red boots
unnamed_6224: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6225: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6226: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6227: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6228: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6229: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6230: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6231: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6232: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6233: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6234: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6235: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6236: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6362: England GK kits
unnamed_6362: England Home and Away kits
unnamed_6366: Italy GK kits
unnamed_6367: Italy Home and Away kits
unnamed_6370: Portugal GK kits
unnamed_6371: Portugal Home and Away kits
unnamed_6748: Germany GK kits
unnamed_6749: Germany Home and Away kits
unnamed_6812: Flamengo GK kits
unnamed_6813: Flamengo Home and Away kits
unnamed_6814: Fluminense GK kits
unnamed_6815: Fluminense Home and Away kits
unnamed_6816: Internacional GK kits
unnamed_6817: Internacional Home and Away kits
unnamed_6818: Santos GK kits
unnamed_6819: Santos Home and Away kits
unnamed_6872: UEFA patches and Armbands

unnamed_590: Keeper gloves

22 - Ball names
34 -Banners relink
35 - Leagues structure
82- national_flag
83- emblem
79- j-league
78- cup j-league?
77- j-league second division
76- j-league first division
75- south american championship
74- we cup
73- we league
72- konami cup
71- super cup
70- europa league
69- international cup
68- asian cup
67- american cup
66- african cup
65- european cup
64- brasilian cup
63- portuguese cup
62- pes cup
61- spain cup
60- nederlands cup
59- italian cup
58- france cup
57- england cup
56- libertadores
55- uefa champions league
54- brasilian league
53- portuguese league
52- pes league
49- italian league
48- league 1
47- england league

unnamed_151: Gameplan icon
unnamed_342: Gameplan icon
unnamed_37: Pes 2012 start screen
unnamed_38: Xbox 360 Pad
unnamed_39: Xbox 360 Pad buttons
unnamed_40: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers, power bar
unnamed_41: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers
unnamed_42: Xbox 360 Pad buttons during replay, scoreboard textures
unnamed_43: Xbox 360 Pad buttons during replay, Libertadores scoreboard textures
unnamed_44: Xbox 360 Pad buttons gameplan, gameplan textures
unnamed_45: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers
unnamed_46: Xbox 360 Pad during loading screens
unnamed_47: Xbox 360 Pad during loading screens
unnamed_48: Loading Background, icons
unnamed_49: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers
unnamed_50: Xbox 360 Pad settings
unnamed_51: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers
unnamed_52: Xbox 360 Pad buttons gameplan, gameplan textures
unnamed_53: Xbox 360 Pad settings
unnamed_54: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers
unnamed_55: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers, scoreboard textures
unnamed_56: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers, Libertadores scoreboard textures
unnamed_57: Background
unnamed_58: Background
unnamed_59: Background
unnamed_66: Champions League Background
unnamed_71: Pes 2011 Messi Background
unnamed_72: Pes 2011 Messi Background
unnamed_73: Pes 2011 Messi Background
unnamed_74: Pes 2011 Messi Background
unnamed_77: Pes 2013 Start screen
unnamed_78: Winning Eleven 2013 Start screen
unnamed_79: Winning Eleven 2013 Start screen
unnamed_83: Pes 2012 ads during online matches
unnamed_84: Pes 2012 ads during online matches
unnamed_85: Skills Cards
unnamed_86: Icons
unnamed_87: No data Icon
unnamed_94: Balls selection background
unnamed_95: Balls selection background
unnamed_103: Save Icon
unnamed_107: Credit Logos


unnamed_339: Referee Yellow suit Pes friendly match
unnamed_340: Referee Red suit Pes friendly match
unnamed_341: Referee Black suit Pes friendly match
unnamed_342: Referee Blue suit Pes friendly match
unnamed_343: Referee Adidas UEFA Green suit
unnamed_344: Referee Adidas UEFA Purple suit
unnamed_345: Referee Adidas UEFA Black suit
unnamed_346: Referee Penality Libertadores Yellow suit
unnamed_347: Referee Penality Libertadores Red suit
unnamed_348: Referee Penality Libertadores Black suit

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